S1NET – Resource for #ArmyHR Pro’s

Adjutant General Insignia

If you have ever served in the military, I’m sure you know that normally a G1/S1 section handles personnel and administrative matters for their respective commanders.The Army (and every other branch of service for that matter) uses standardized staff organizations to benefit from consistency in performance. Much like civilian organizations have different departments such as HR, Finance, Training, Ops, etc.; the Army (and other services) have staff sections that handle different responsibilities (i.e G2/S2 – Intel, G3/S3 – Ops & Training, etc.).

Okay, now that we have a little background out of the way, I wanted to share a great resource that came by my way recently. The military has its own version, of what I can only liken to social media, called milsuite (you will need a CAC card to access the site). On the milsuite site is a dedicated page to all things admin and personnel related: S1NET. It’s filled with a trove of resources for the Army HR pro…or any soldier in charge of a G1/S1 section, when you get a chance, login and join the community. In addition to the great resources, the community offers you the opportunity to network with other Army HR pros who can also be resources to you as new challenges arise in your field.

On that note, this post has been one of the few and far between posts that I have worked on recently – it’s been a pretty hectic couple of months for me between home, work, school, and some other projects, so I’ve had to take some things off the plate – the blog happened to be one of those. I’m looking forward to contributing a little more frequently as I head out for about a month for phase 1 and phase 2 of school for my HR Specialist MOS. I’m not particularly looking forward to being away from home for so long…but then again it could always be worse. Stay tuned – I hope you’ll enjoy some of the upcoming content (spoiler alert: it’s probably going to have a military emphasis).

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